Modern Chrome Accent Inside Your House: Chairs and Tables

Employing a chrome accent inside your living space would help you to create a modern touch. People starts to be crazy about chromium color when they enter the 21st century. However, this design has been known among the public since the 1920s. Chrome would help you in creating a modern impression throughout your entire room. It can be employed to be collaborated with the chairs or tables inside your house.

Let’s take a look at the chair design with chrome materials. This chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe along with Lily Reich. The chair places a comfortable surface comprising the seating surface and the back support.

However, its lower part is supported by chrome base forming X structure. It is also accompanied by a chrome accent tables placed next to the chair. The table itself has a transparent glass surface which is strong enough to contain two tiny vases.

Chrome can not only be employed in the living room chairs, it can also be useful to support the dining chairs. You can basically combine chrome materials with others. The dining room table, for example, utilizes chrome as the frame of its chair. However, the surface is made out of bamboo materials. Additionally, the chair also has a pink plastic arm rest placed on top of the chrome. Besides, it can also be employed on the study room’s chair.

If you want to go minimalist, you can take a look at the dining table which has chrome as its support. The dining table’s surface is made out of round glass materials. Its base is supported with four chrome beams. Another design is presented by a wooden table tops as supported with chrome which has U form. Such kind of materials can also be employed to decorate a coffee table or an end table. This chrome metal accent tables would be best combined with transparent surface.

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