Modern Floating Architecture from the Ty Hedfan Project in Wales

A modern house with floating architecture was created in Wales by the Featherstone Young studio. Their masterpiece is called as the Ty Hedfan, or hovering house. If you see the first picture of the house, you’ll see a floating house surrounded by lots of greens and a small river flows right under the building. That building that is seen from here has concrete, woods, and glass combination. Don’t you think they are beautiful?

The second picture shows you still that part from another point of view. Surely if you live in this residence, you will enjoy the nature in maximum ways. Modern in nature is the key of this project. Even the building has modern concept, it blends very well with the green environments around.

If you see closer through the next picture, you’ll get a great idea of the floating house design. The floating part of this house has mirror under the building. It reflects the water of the river beautifully. Greens, water, and river stones are definitely pretty.

Move to the next picture, you will see another part of the house. This point of view will take you to see the green yard of the house. There, the green yard is combined with dense greens as borders and the main building itself. Mirror under the floating part is still able to be seen here. And now let’s jump inside the house.

The fifth picture presents you a simple kitchen with an opened design. Some long windows in slim design are created on the wall there. A wooden kitchen table with sink is provided too there. From this site, you can enjoy cooking and watching scenery in a same time.

Last is about a colorful floating staircase in this residence. Take a look at the sixth image. Floating staircase with green and yellow steps is stuck one the stony wall. The steps, balustrade, and hand railings there are built together. Aren’t they marvelous to be combined with high ceiling in white tone of the house? Let’s play with the floating house design ideas in your house right now!

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