Modern Narrow House Using Bright Color for the Interior Design

The building of the house using narrow house concept helps many people who do not have large area to build their house. The building of the house in narrow concept is not always built in simple design but you can make it in modern house too. The example of the modern narrow house can be seen at 4.5 x 20 House.

This house is made by AHL architects associates. The location of this house is in the urban setting Hanoi. It is one of the areas which are located in Vietnam. The design of this house is simple but the designer still showing the side of the modern style.

The simple narrow house design can be seen from the house plans design. This house is made in fourth level house design. The size of the width house is among 4.5 meter. Meanwhile, the long size of this house is among 20 meter. At the ground level, the house is divided into some rooms.

There are garage, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. At the second level, there are living room, bathroom, and master bedroom. At the third level, there are two bedroom, and bathroom. At the third level, there are bedroom, bathroom and kids’ corner. The rooms in each level are made in spacious room.

The interior design of this house is using bright color. It can be seen from the painting that is using to decorating wall and ceiling. The painting used is white color. Meanwhile, the floor used at this house is using white tile. The using of this color has a function to this house. It is because the rooms of this house look spacious and larger.

The other interior used at this house is using wooden material for the stairs. The wooden material used at the stair is also combined with transparent glass handrails. Beside it, the built- in lamps are used at the ceiling. Those interiors used is suitable to used at the narrow house deign plans to make the house looks modern.

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