Modern Small Loft Apartment Adopting Urban Theme Interior Design

We are going to take a look at a small loft apartment which has exceptional interior design. The apartment itself is located in the capital of Czech Republic, Prague. This was presented by Radka Valova and Pavla Dolezalova working for OOOOX designer. The purpose is to have an anti mainstream design in the middle of small loft. The tiny space, however, does not become the obstacles for the designers to create a pretty interior.

Let’s start with the main activity room. In this part, we would be able to find living room, kitchen, and dining room integrated into one. It has laminated floor which is combined with cow skin pattern rug. the natural light comes from windows which are placed on the elevated ceiling. Along the wall, we would be able to find wall mounted surface utilized as both dining table as well as decoration counters. In terms of lighting, the small loft apartment ideas utilize ceiling lamp with hanging bulbs.

One of the living’s wall is covered with dark patterned wallpaper. This is aimed to create contrast so that the living would look lively. Behind the seating area, we could find a room divider with the combination of wooden panel and mirror. The reflection provided by the mirror would make the room looks more spacious than it actually is. Each mirror is equipped with ceiling integrated lamps to provide dramatic effects.

Moving on to the bedroom, we would be able to find an urban bed sheet. It is combined with black cushion cover. On each of the bed side, we can find desk lamp which has laboratory tube support. The bedroom and the bathroom are not separated with opaque wall. Instead, it has a dark glass wall only. Across the bed, we would be able to find a shoe rack placed under the high seating area. This small loft apartment decorating also put transparent vase to make the room looks even more beautiful.

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