Modern Traditional House Design COmbining Two Different Designs

Every people have different taste in designing their living space, there is people who like traditional house design, modern house design or can be the combination of both two designs. However you design your house and whatever design you use the first purpose of people to build a house is having comfortable living space. If they feel comfortable with their living space, they will decorate, change and create a beautiful living space to live.

A modern traditional house design ideas appears between a hundred of skyscraper building in New York City. Combination between wooden material, red brick and concrete which is composes this house become interesting that is makes this house really amazing.

Wooden floor, wooden ceiling, modern white sofa and beautiful rug decorate living room in this house. For every people who entering this house, they will amaze with the beautifulness and comfort atmosphere from all component in this room.

If we look closely the ceiling in the living room, it is not like common ceiling where suite of long wooden decorates it that is make the ceiling different and elegant. In order to make this house more efficient, the designer make the living room directly connect to kitchen are.

In kitchen area we can see that strong combination between modern and traditional both design and materials that is use to composed this area. Combination between stainless steel and wooden materials in this area look so perfect that is make you will feel great sensation when you are cooking.

Long corridor in this house will lead you to the main bedroom. Throughout this corridor when we look u the ceiling several unique lamp look like cockle shells. When you entering the main bedroom modern traditional home interior design ideas sensation appear from the red brick wall that is will make feel comfort.

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