Modern Tropical House in Thailand

Living in a tropical area requires you to employ a beautiful tropical house. This house would suit your needs as it gives many access for the natural light to travel inside the house. Besides, the design is cool enough to provide shades upon the residents. The house we are about to see is located in tropical area of Bangkok, Thailand. The beautifully designed house named the L71 house was designed by OFFICE [AT] studio.

In order to allow the light, this house is equipped with many glass panels employed as doors, windows, or exterior wall. The tropical house plans comprise of two story building.

The first level of the house consits of a living room, dining, pantry, kitchen, studio gym, laundry room, bed room, and storage. This part of the house is also equipped with a swimming pool and car park. Meanwhile, the upper part of thehouse is utilized to accommodate study room, bedrooms, praying room, as well as family room.

Overall, the house design employs concrete wall as covered by wooden slats in the outer part of the house. The wooden wall is also utilized to provide shelter which covers the house from direct sun light. Wooden accent is not only employed in the house’s exterior. It is also employed inside the house. In the dining room, for example, we would be able to find a wooden materials used to cover the ceiling. Besides, it is also utilized to cover the floor in the pool side.

The staircase is also made out of wood. It is beautifully combined with glass balusters and stainless steel handrail. It would lead us to the second floor where more private rooms are located. Above the stairs, we would be able to find wooden slats which enable the sun rays to travel inside with dramatic forms. This tropical house plans design also employs transparent doors inside the bathroom.

Image By : OFFICE [AT]

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