Modern White Home with White Atelier and Green Roof

F451 Arquitectura designed a white home in Gijon, Spain which is known as Lara Rios House project. This is a modern residence that is built on an oblique land of the hills. White walls cover up the building with wooden and glass wall combination. Green hills that have the same high as the building surround the house and it is designed with green roof connect to the hill behind. From this green roof, we could see the leafy trees with beautiful valley view background.

This house has a wide industrial shed besides the main building. The architect also apply white home decor inside the shed. It has cement flooring with white walls and sloping ceiling with glass roof overlooking to the north for having the north natural lighting source flooding entire the room.

This shed is used as a studio with wooden shelves at the corner of the room for placing the utilities. And at the other side, staircase connects to the higher section with a wall cover beside the stairs that is decorated with animal miniatures.

Connected by those stairs, there is a dining room with white sofas and a kitchen on the upper floor. White still the main color that covers this wooden floor room. A white table with black cabinets below is placed in the middle of the room beside white sink cabinets that is patched on the wall. Black wall mounted shelves for seasoning jars decorate this plain white wall.

Glass wall on a side of the kitchen wall separates the kitchen with backyard. This kind of glass walls are also applied at many sides of the house. They give natural lighting to this house with all white home decor that supports the lighting energy savings at daytime, and they also make the rooms inside have wide and close to nature feeling cause we could easily see the green landscape and luxuriant trees outside.

Image By : F451 Arquitectura

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