Modest Modern Home: Award Winning House

The example of modern home which worths an award can be seen from the following example. The house is located in Westboro Village, a peaceful area next to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This house won the Best Custom Urban Infill category in 2011 presented by Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association Design Awards. This would surely bring pride towards Christopher Simmonds Architects. Additionally it also spoils the residents knowing that the house they are residing in is quite amazing.

From the outer part of the house, we can see that the residents are not afraid of privacy issue as it employs transparent glass wall to cover even the front part of the house. Such modern home design also collaborates wooden materials with concrete wall to support the entire building. We have to climb the stairs which is composed of woods in order to reach the first floor of the house. Meanwhile the ground floor is utilized as car park.

Let’s move inside to the living room. The living room employs laminated wooden floor with dark color. It has similar hue to the living room’s furniture. The living room has an L-shaped sofa which has already been integrated with the lounge chair.

The sofa is accompanied by a wooden coffee table and a decorative plants on top of it. The coffee table is placed on top of a geometric rug with rustic accent. The living room has a room divider which also serves as modern fireplace and bookshelf.

In the back of the room divider, we can find a modern kitchen design. The kitchen employs wooden furniture in the forms of kitchen counters and cabinets. The kitchen is also equipped with the kitchen island, having wooden furniture and marble countertops. The kitchen island is surrounded by bar stools as a seating surface. The kitchen and living room are both connected to the house’s backyard. In the backyard, this modern home design ideas has a swimming pool.

Image By : Christopher Simmonds Architect

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