Monochromatic Cubic House Utilizes Contemporary Prefab Cubic

The prefab cubic house becomes one of selection for many people to construct their contemporary living space. This house furnishing indeed delivers the minimalist yet stylish impression to your house facade. You may try this idea as well if you plan to build your own modern residence. See how stunning the XV House that has been accomplished by RS+ Robert Skitek is when it applies the white painted cubic for the third level of the house.

This eye catching house is situated in Cracow, Poland. Located in hillside, it gets the advantage from the natural hill scenery that creates the calming and refreshing atmosphere to the house. The cubic structure is also completed with wooden rolling blinds that enable the habitant to have an access to look out the surrounding view without get the insight from the outsider.

The extended shape of the cubic house design then manages as the house cantilever that shades the small porch at the second story. You can enjoy a lovely afternoon or romantic night there with your beloved couple while having a cup of coffee or tea.

There is a steel pole arranged right above the cubic. It is functioned as the exit of the smoke resulted from the fire place inside the home. The cubic itself then connected to the open space beside it that can be used as another relaxation space. You do not have to be worry to feel overheating while you are being the open space since the tall trees can shade you from the direct sunlight radiance.

When you look at the house facade outside of the concrete fence, you may get the reverse shaped L letter look from the cubic application. The black and white silhouette attaches to the structure makes it looks so impressive and modern at the same time. You can climb on the concrete stairs to go inside the cubic. This cubic home design is really awesome idea to be applied.

Image By : RS+ Robert Skitek

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