Mutual Housing Materials Building on Valley Home

The Mill Valley Residence employs three dominant mutual housing materials constructing a modern living home on a valley in Marin, California, USA. Surrounded by pine trees and other greenery, this house looks so elegantly among the nature. Timber, concrete and cooper appear as the main elements sustaining the exterior and interior of the American architectural firm creation home. It has been completed in 2011 by three floor level house.

Concrete becomes the base sustainer under the wooden wall. It belongs to one of the solid housing building materials to support the CCS Architecture on sloppy land home plan. The upper floor has the wooden cladding to give the contrast accent of the second floor exterior wall. Glass wall installation intersperse the wood assembly to give the visible concept of the exterior and interior. This makes the house to get the natural scene outlook to come in supporting the interior.

Checking the picturesque interior of this contemporary home design, expansive sitting space is imprinted by the wide glass wall giving the scene of the forestry green. Contemporary design of sitting set presents the simple looking sofa and stylish wooden chairs with the slice of board as the modest table design. Two ornamental wooden benches have a planter of yellow orchid enhancing the interior arrangement. Tribal motive of a rug covers the floor where these seats are set.

All the functional room of this house has the fine wood to become the flooring material. It looks so in harmonious within the kitchen interior. Wooden cabinetries seem to be the suitable mate for the floor pattern and style. Take a breath on the open floor of this house concrete assembly, the hard manner of this material lets this home has the edge border with the nice grassy soil of the neat green yard.

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