Natural Contemporary Home with Stone Wall

Living in a village will require you to have a natural contemporary home. This is very essential in supporting the country lifestyle which is simple, yet comfortable at the same time. This time, we are going to review the house designed by Richter Dahl Rocha & Associes. This beautiful natural house is situated in Jose Ignacio, a suburban area in Uruguay. The Buenos Mares Villa was designed to blend the residents with its surrounding nature.

The house plan comprises of two story building. The lower part of the house is utilized to accommodate activity room. Meanwhile the upper part manages to take the bedrooms, family room, and other private rooms. This contemporary home design is also equipped with modern lap pool in the lower ground’s backyard. Besides, it also presents the residents with beautiful sea view which can be enjoyed through the semi-open living room.

The house exterior is covered with the combination of stone wall and wooden panel. It emphasizes on the natural impression that the house brings. When we take a look at the living room, we can still found the stone accent on its facade.

The living room’s floor, however, is covered by marble tile, creating similar hue to that of the wooden furniture employed inside the room. This part of the house has semi open feature since there is only a curtain to divide the living room with the outdoor spaces.

The house’s bedroom has a very simple design. Its floor is covered by reddish marble tile. On top of the floor we can find a king-sized bed which has end tables on both of its sides. The master bedroom features a large glass window which enable the residents to oversee the sea view. Meanwhile, the kids’ bedroom has two bunk beds with similar design. This contemporary home design ideas also utilize glass panels to allow natural light inside the house.

Image By : Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés

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