Natural Stone Tiles Flooring Terrace of House among the Green Lawn

Terrace’s ground can be designed by using various styles, one of its decoration is the stone tiles flooring. This material can also be changed for example by applying the marble, hardwood, ceramic, concrete and so forth. Ground is the important part of a building that support the wall and ceiling decorations. Without good flooring, room will be tasteless and not attractive. Now we will discuss about one of amazing house project constructed by ZAG Architekci.

They are a talented architectural firm that is built the house in Jozefow, Poland. The house is located in amazing place because at this house, we can see the view of Lodz Hills Landscape Park from the top angle. The building stands on 300 square meters area in a wonderful decorations. This house has natural stone tile flooring ideas surrounded by the green lawn. This lawn is the house courtyard that becomes really a pleasant outdoor place to play with family.

Base construction is built in concrete material painted in white color. The roof is sloping in black construction. Near this outer wall, there is outdoor swimming pool where we can enjoy the good weather. Just imagine, to swim among the green courtyard in sunny day will be so relaxing, won’t it? To do the exercise of just to find a refreshment can be done in this pool. It has natural decoration of stone flooring too.

At the terrace, we can relax or have some talk with friends or families. Enjoying the day with newspaper and a cup of tea will be so much interesting, right? From this house space, we can also view the greenery of natural landscape.

What a dream house it is! As good as the outdoor decoration, indoor also has awesome design. Stylish and elegant are the words that best describe the room. Artistic hanging lamp in round shape also makes this house with wood and stone tile floor designs becomes more appealing.

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