Natural Wooden House Design in Contemporary Style

Anyone who love the close-nature things must adore this wooden house design made by Scott Edwards Architecture. Located in an open air of Oregon, this house is really a good concept for anybody who want to live with the wooden things. It has 2.200 sq ft area and I bet you will love to see through the house. So, let’s enjoy this!

This house has two level of floors. It has a long shape house design style that have separated room connected by the corrider. Both of interior and exterior design, they’re dominated with the wood materials. As you can see, the foor has a long strip wooden motif.

You can also see over the window and also ceiling. Some people might think this is really casual and not giving some expensive expect. But from the elegance, I personally say that this wooden house design ideas really beautiful.

The minor about this house that the design is just not look like a home living house. It looks like a motel, but I’m sure this is not a big problem because the main function of this house is still as the living house. A flat staircases also make this house not look brittle. With the iron handle, it look so strong and safe to use.

Outside of the house you can see such a beautiful yard. It has a good view and anyone who just relaxing their mind can just sit over the bench there and enjoy the natural momment. Quiet, calm dan fresh, what a nature!

So, some house made by wood is not always a casual house. This house is one of example that bring contemporary style of the house. This wood house design ideas will become a trend because there are more people that love to close to the nature recently.

Image By : Scott Edwards Architecture

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