Naturalist Modern Apartment Themes in Tribeca

Mixture of natural constituent becomes one of modern apartment themes in Tribeca. It is for sale living home in neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. Tasteful furniture styles and designs enliven the remarkable interior design of sophisticated combination and arrangement.

Living animal characters on the furniture elements give an extraordinary scene for compact city residence. Urban scenery is so accessible through the clear glass installation in form of wide windows facing outside light.

The sitting room has an eclectic style because of the different materials, patterns, and arts fill upon dull look of floor-enclosed carpet. The zebra stripe makes the two stylish chairs getting the animal-based style within contemporary sitting furniture set.

Artistic table lamp with the shade and statue contributes in this modern apartment furniture organization. Beautiful white orchid on the unique planter joins in the range making the seat space more exotic. Grayish twin flamingo completes the decorative items in this living room band.

The other sitting room has a simpler style and design rather than the previously mentioned room. This lounge contains a lime color sofa in fashionable design. Giraffe leather pattern helps the scene to be more wild but soft. Stylish standing lamp provides the tender illumination in the night. Move out from the lounge and get into a neoteric kitchen setting, glassy pendant lamps shine above the steel countertop of the sink and faucet. Fish art about the kitchen stand quirky has an old world immersion contrasting the modern kitchen set.

Do not be so eerie to sleep with a lizard skin bedcover. It gives a strong accent for the texture between the fine texture and pattern of the bed surrounding. This recent model of room feels so old-fashion since the mounted artistic lamps and the buffet show up the classic style, yet it is suitable for granting this living cave with modern apartment furniture ideas by the combination.

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