Newfangled Single Level House Design of House Faes

HVH Architecten designed a very futuristic single level house design for a residence called House Faes in Keerbergen, Belgium. White the main purpose of maximizing the natural resources of lighting, and creating a good fusion between the site and the design, this house stands vigorously.

The dynamic shape is chiefly seen from the way this residence demonstrating a contemporary design. Both exterior design and interior design emerge very precise, simple, sturdy and futuristic. The combination of material, coloring, and furnishing brings a very cozy and elegant ambiance within the house.

One crucial arrangement of this house is maybe about the orientation for each room and the relation of it with the terrain. Not only demonstrates a very impressive one level house design, but this dwelling also presents the artistic implementation of typology specifically for the rooms direction. For instance basically, the classy bedrooms are designed to have a direction to the east, while the comfy living areas are formed with a direction to the south and the west.

Another impressive element was the impressive living area which has two beautiful terraces with the west terrace was designed as a covered terrace. Then there is a refreshing garden which emerge very mature and could blend together with the exterior design.

Moreover, the main color theme for the whole part within the house is black and white. The black is for masonry, floors, and windows, while the white is for walls, ceilings, and furniture. That combination of black and white undeniably produces a very classic and elegant outlook.

In the end, this residence also could be one of the best example of how the modern style could be blend with some calm hues, raw materials and additional features. The way this house could demonstrate a sleek, and elegant but still calm figure, is very impressive. Hence it is undoubtedly that this house appears as one of the best prototype of one level house design plans with a creative modern arrangement.

Image By : HVH Architecten

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