Nice Contemporary House Design: The Far Pond Residence

contemporary house is that it can be created from renovation project. There are so many stunning modern house designs that coming from renovation project and one of those houses is this Far Pond Residence. This incredible modern style home design is originally a 197s kit house that renovated by Bates Masi Architects.

The renovation, then, changes the old rustic house into such a beautiful contemporary family home design that able to give you such a great family living experience. This nice modern style home design is something that will able to amaze you with its beauty, indeed.

The contemporary house plans are developed from the original home setting. The addition only occurs in the important part of the residence. Take for example the upper level of this special modern house design.

This part is originally visually closed part, but after the renovation, now there are so many visual space that contributed by the excessive glass panel usage. This kind of treatment is also occurs in the first home level. This kind of setting is developed in order to make this house able to provide such a great space to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

The inner part of this perfect modern style house design, moreover, is also the part where the renovation was excessively occurred. There are some parts of the house that will able to make you amaze with its beauty and one of them is the unique living room design. Well, there is nothing special in the setting, but the furniture that supports this living room is indeed able to show some kind of uniqueness.

This gorgeous modern style house design is the perfect evidence of contemporary home design derived from rustic house style. Contemporary house design in Southampton, New York is something becoming such a great family living space, indeed.

Image By : Bates Masi Architects

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