Noble Recycling Ideas of Giant Lipstick Masterpiece for Green Issue

We need some recycling ideas because the earth is getting warmer as the effect of global warming issue. Therefore, we have to be wise in using every fuel and electricity. To have green lifestyle is also important nowadays. We have to start from the very small things such as throw the trash in its bin. Trash should be manage properly so that it doesn’t raise bigger problem. Trash is also common problem for human being in today’s world.

Because of that related reason, we should concern to our environmental issue. This have to be done for every people as for the sake of the next generation life quality. Minimalizing the garbage that we produce is the action that we shall do.

Agne Kisonaite of Agne Art, an artist, was inspired by this recycling issue. She is interested with lipstick problem because 1 lipstick is bought every 4 seconds! So, you can imagine how many trash that it is produced. This is a unique recycling ideas crafts inspiration.

She designed the Giant Lipstick project that was created from more than 5,000 lipstick tubes. The size of this artistic project is 2.5 meters. This lipstick also has the weight of 200 kilograms. The aesthetic of this project is high and attract so many of people who wants to see her masterpiece. This giant art is arranged from the wood material that is painted in black, metallic, and red colors. Then, at its surface lipstick tubes are attached with calculated distance.

From this project, she want every woman in this world be aware of the trash that lipstick produced each day is very big. Every one must consume wisely and purchase as needed. With this social action, she hopes that women can rethink and get their attention more in this environmental issue. We can start it by ourselves and invite someone to do the same things too. We hope this recycling crafting ideas are inspiring you to do the same action, will you?!

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