Old Australian house Transformed in Modern Building

The modern exterior concept on this Australian house combined smoothly with the traditional design behind it. Triangle shaped roof with flat roof design can looks modern as well. Beside it the wooden deck looks very stylish with outdoor patio chairs. Big tree is growth naturally here and it is deliberately stand here. To make it fresh, the wide courtyard is filled with green grasses.

It seems that the house is not really big but it is cozy enough for the owner. The wooden deck can also used for sunbathe in the morning and it is available the small lounge chair. Beside the flat house it is also built a small box building that covered with glass door.

Evidently there are also banana trees and palm trees. It is surprised while the internal side is furnished with modern furniture that mixed with unfinished floor and wall. Jonathan Lake Architects are the original designers that made the Australian house plans with creative ideas.

The long sofa with chaise lounge is very stylish here and adorns the unfinished interior. There is also staircase that can be used to reach the higher room. It looks that the small box building is used for public living room and it is filled with dark violet single sofa.

There is also verandah in front side that completed with wooden chair set. The kitchen and the public spaces are side by side and separated with cement wall. Spacious dining room can be very delightful with long dining table and wooden dining seats. Oak laminated floors are very glows and elegant for this side.

The verandah can be very good for children to learn in the morning since the sunlight is warm. It is unique while the interior side decorated with unfinished and finished decoration. This remodeled building is successfully transformed with modern Australian house plans that located in Maylands.

Image By : Jonathan Lake Architects

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