Outstanding Apartment Interior with Exposed Brick Walls

For those who have been searching on outstanding apartment interior, this is the perfect post. In small measure apartment with total area of 56 square meters, you will found an apartment with vibrant interior appeal yet stylish and offered uncluttered look.

Let’s take a look on these pictures below. This is a studio apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine. The designer, Lugerin Architects was the mastermind behind this impressive apartment interior idea. From the first picture here you can see that this apartment has unique interior concept.

Not only the common wooden tiles floor and white ceiling and walls, this apartment designed with imposed raw brick walls. Studio apartment usually only has limited space but it doesn’t seem like bothering the designer to get creative and dare to decorate the apartment with something interesting.

Move on to the next living area, a comfy dusty grey sofa is the major focal point. For living room decoration, there is rustic wooden coffee table, unique standing lamp, lower cabinet, a meaningful wall-painting and an elegant floor to ceiling curtains.

Not to mention the rug pattern which is really attractive with its purple accent contrasted really well with the rustic wooden floor. The next section is the kitchen and dining area. Kitchen and dining area situated in one section.

A combination between minimalist wooden table and striking white color furniture dominated this social area. White and wooden element is perfect combo since it stands out beautifully together and makes the perfect blend. Since studio apartment has typical small size, it is a great idea to dominate the area with striking white color just like this kitchen design. Besides give a clean impression and sleek look, white color offers expansive feeling as well.

White color cabinetry makes the kitchen look uncluttered and well organized by keeping all the storage hidden. Also did you notice the funny backsplash theme? When it comes to apartment interior decorating, avoid all the unnecessary accessories with a lot of detail, keep it simple and try to optimize every corner as possible.

Image By : Lugerin Architects

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