Outstanding Contemporary Home Design in Camp’s Bay: The African Beauty

Situated in very beautiful area of Cape Town, South Africa, contemporary home creation by Luis Mira Architects is showing something outstanding. This special modern style house design is something that will make anybody who sees it amaze with its beauty. The location, first of all, is very beautiful.

This house is located in the perfect spot in which you can enjoy the best angle of Camps’ Bay breathtaking views. The location of this superb contemporary house design is one of so many great things that this house provide for the user. So if you want to know how one of the best home design looks like, this lovely modern style house design is possibly the one that you need to see.

The contemporary home plans that use in this house is very simple, it basically just following what the surrounding nature provide for the house. The plan is basically about finding the best way to exploit the beautiful scenery of Camp’s Bay. Take for example the wonderful swimming pool in the side part of the house. This stunning swimming pool is equipped with wooden deck that can become a great spot to enjoy Cape Town’s sunset.

This perfect modern style house design is using open space setting. This type of style is indeed best style that you can apply in the house if you have this kind of beautiful scenery, isn’t it? There are so many open spaces in this adorable modern style house design. Take for example the living room design. This modern style living room is directly connected with the outdoor area and therefore it able to become the place in which you can visually enjoy the amazing scenery of Camp’s Bay.

This gorgeous modern style house design is something that will give you such an amazing living experience, indeed. Contemporary home design in Camp’s Bay is something that can become the model of other modern home creation, indeed.

Image By : Luis Mira Architects

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