Outstanding Contemporary Office Building: Cave-Like Office Design

The number of contemporary office construction is rapidly increasing in last few years. There are so many companies that remaking their office to be more modern. As we all know that lovely modern style office design is not only about the aesthetical design, but it is also about the perspective of the design.

Office used to be the place of serious business, but now office is more like the place to extract creativity from every employee. There are some amazing modern style office designs that will amaze you with its design and one of those offices is this Cave-Like Office Design by Iwan Baan.

The contemporary office interior that develop in this outstanding modern style office design is one of few things that make this office so special. The other thing that makes this beautiful modern style office design so special is the shape of the office itself, it is like a cave. It is located in below the ground.

Anyway, there are some parts of this astonishing modern style office design that will able to show you how beautiful this office is and one of those parts is the main room. This is the room in which located below a big skylight. Although it is located below the ground, the big glass panels that located in the main room enable the entire employee to have clear visual access to the beautiful surrounding, the forest.

The interior design of this perfect modern style office design, moreover, is developed by using modern minimalist style. This adorable modern style office design is full of modern style desk design that equipped the main working space of this office.

The greatness of this gorgeous modern style office design is in the ability of the design the designer to combine the nature and the modern style architectural design. Contemporary office design by Iwan Baan is indeed something very special.

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