Outstanding Modern Residence Design: The Float House

The Float House is a highly modern residence that located in a quiet residential area of Tel-Aviv, Israel. This superb modern style house design is created by Pitsou Kedem Architect and there is a strong reason why this beautiful modern style house design is called the float house, it surrounded by water.

This house is covered by unique designed wooden fence that looks planted tree. From the fence, we can clearly see that the design style of this lovely modern style house design is modern minimalist style. The simplicity is clearly drawn by the simple fence design that develops in this wonderful modern style house design.

Few step after the fence you will now clearly the modern residence plans that use in this house. It is about the synergic water, concrete, plant and modern style design. Well, of course, that is not an easy job to do. It is something that needs precise calculation and high creativity.

There are few parts of this astonishing modern style house design that able to show you how beautiful this house is. One of those parts is the wide swimming pool design. This is the reason why this panoptic home design called as the floating house.

Since this chic modern style house design is using panoptic space setting and it means that it has a lot of transparent wall part, the interior design of this house plays an important role in the beauty of this adorable modern style house design. The inside part of this house is decorated by modern minimalist style design. It can be seen from the simple setting and highly minimalist furniture collection that we can find in the inside part of the house.

The beauty that shows by this gorgeous modern style house design is a house style that deserves much credits. Modern residence home in Tel Aviv is, in short, something very beautiful that is perfect for contemporary living space.

Image By : Pitsou Kedem Architect

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