Outstanding Modern Residence in Santa Monica: King Residence

The design of modern residence creation is always able to make anybody amaze with its originality. A modern style home design is develop directly from modern style design, the design that has no boundaries of creativity. That is the reason why the number of special modern style home design creations is rapidly increasing in last few years.

There are some stunning modern style home designs that can become the example modern home beauty and one of those examples is the King Residence. This superb modern style home design is owned by Earl King and it is manufactured by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects.

The modern residence plans that develop in this lovely modern style home design are one of a kind. There are no other home designs that have this kind of irregular shaped architectural design.

This incredible modern style home design is situated in lovely location of Sunset Park neighborhood, Santa Monica and it is possibly one of the best modern style home designs that you can find on the area. There are so many great things that you can find in this nice modern style home design and the irregular shaped architectural design is just one of those elements.

The inner side of this perfect modern style home design, moreover, is also the one that make this house so special. It is developed by using modern minimalist interior style and supported by minimalist furniture set with such a nice elegant touch. Overall, this nice space setting is indeed something that completes the unique architectural design of this adorable modern style home design.

The greatness that promoted by this gorgeous modern style home design can be such a great example of how beautiful modern home creation can possibly become. Modern residence designs in Santa Monica have something that will make everybody amazes, its irregular shaped architectural design.

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