Outstanding Modern White House Design with Elegant Curved Facade

Stylish outlook of this modern white house comes from its facade design. Elegant curve definitely showcases the modernity of residence design. Duplex house of concrete material evokes the gutsy construction. Stylish building is strengthened with the surrounding glass windows with black sills.

Cheerful interior decoration applies the vibrant color and monochromatic decoration to bring the enjoyable and comfortable living place. Minimalist decoration adds the spacious area of this high and huge building construction.

White curved facade depicts the fabulous modern home design of its exterior appearance. Clean and sturdy outlook of this building becomes a striking object to cheat the eyes. Many glass windows are nestled randomly for evoking the stylish and fashionable building construction. On the top, the open space allows the balcony in warm and infinity design.

Surrounding metal railing gives an unlimited outlook toward the surrounding circumstances. Comfortable balcony comes from the wooden floor with the bright windows ceiling in white wall. Bricks wall decoration presents the elegant outlook at the entrance way. Modern door in vibrant color reveals the spirit full accent before entering the house.

Cheerful nuance within the interior allows the vibrant color for creating the brightly atmosphere. Green staircase with simple hand railing evokes the modernity in minimalist decoration. At the alley, colorful wall and floor decoration definitely bring the brightly situation within the narrow space.

Cozy kitchen with surrounding white decoration surely reveals the elegant outlook in minimalist decoration. High ceiling, wooden floor and glass windows strengthen the comfortable cooking activity in cleanness and cozy atmosphere. Spacious area with warm wooden floor and white wall brings a pleasant life in relief area.

Modernity that is brought by this home design surely showcases the impressive outlook. The first impression of the facade design definitely cheats the attention of the people that pass through it. White facade with curved design strengthens the innovative design of building construction. Windows decoration around the facade presents the cozy and comfortable interior. Cheerful nuance with the colorful decoration evokes the different concept of the exterior design. This contemporary home design brings an innovative building at the town with an impressive facade design.

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