Outstanding Single Family House in Minimalist Wooden Decoration

Poorly furnished woods of this single family house evokes the brightly and cozy interior decoration. The wood becomes the appropriate material to create the refreshing nuance. Minimalist interior decoration of this residence definitely brings a pleasure of living experience with its relief area.

Wooden decoration as the wall and floor brings a strong comfortable living place in innovative and minimalist interior decoration. Splendid nuance becomes the result of this naturalistic plan for giving the enjoyable life for the single family.

This minimalist single family house design applies the woods for building the entire interior decoration. Simple wooden sofa with grey couch and wicker table bring the comfortable relaxation with the refreshing view from the outdoor through the large glass wall beside. The woods construct the kitchen behind it and also the ceiling design.

This spacious living area contains the dining area also in the same poorly furnished wooden furniture. Concrete flooring design strengthens the comfortable nuance of this large living area with the stunning decoration of wooden wall and surrounding windows.

Duplex home design reveals the convenient residence with spacious area at the second floor. Open space design of this single family residence allows the owner seeing the ground floor from the higher level. Minimalist design is strongly applied to create the spacious and relief area at the second floor.

Some alleys with the wooden decoration surely bring the pleasant walking to access the other rooms. By applying the simple staircase in white, the stylish interior decoration definitely showcases its existence in essential decoration.

The fabulous single family residence is not always related with the glamorous and luxurious interior decoration. This residence proofs the innovative decoration by applying the minimalist style with the use of naturalistic accent. Woods become the perfect material for increasing the elegant atmosphere with the minimalist interior design.

Spacious area within it really brings the pleasant life for single family. The cheerful and cozy atmosphere along this residence brings the sophisticating living experience for small family. This wooden single family residence becomes one kind of elegant single family home plans that brings the minimalist decoration for evoking the stylish and comfortable home.

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