Peaceful Modern Residence Like Spa to Refresh Your Mind

Today there are a lot of architects trying to create eco friendly design for modern residence. This green architecture is not only thinking on how to decrease harm impacts for the environment, but also how to build sustainable building. One of such designs appears in Laranjeiras Residence by Fernanda Marques Arquitectos Associados. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this home vacation gives you comfortable place to spend your holiday. Moreover, spa-like spaces stands out its luxury. What a wonderful life here!

Like common modern residence designs surrounded by beautiful view, this house has special treatment to make it different. The architects take the opportunity of the nature to build wonderful exterior design. Looking at the house, the wooden materials expand the installation with half finished construction.

Its open ceiling has palm trees among the mossy paving. There is also large wooden table made of big trunk. Such beauty continued to the open living room and the outdoor swimming pool in front of it. Don’t forget the team set fascinating outdoor furniture to complete your refreshing. It sounds interesting to have conversation accompanied by the nature around it. The romantic and natural ambience covers this place warmly.

Going inside the house, it seems no different because of glass walls. This material succeeds to make the interior and exterior unified. Its function as the transition becomes blurring. Thanks to the luxurious furniture that pampers you so much. The interior design is available in calm and elegant look such as seen in the open layout living room. Meanwhile, the decoration gives sophistication. See the cascading pendant lamp, it looks chic and fresh. The natural colors keep the theme going on.

At the upper floor, wooden walls help glass materials to show the best performance. The open verandah that is long and spacious, for example, it is equipped by glass façade to get the outside view while the woods cover the interior. When you steps on here, this place will give you unforgettable experience. All rooms are open, all rooms are breezy, and all is just beautiful. You can imitate such modern house designs to make peace and tranquil come in your own place.

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