Peaceful Retreat House with Traditional Stone Wall

If you are looking for tranquility, you might want to try visiting this retreat house. Located on the mountainous area, this house would be able to refresh you from boring working atmosphere. The peaceful house design, collaborated with beautiful scenery would totally give you ultimate tranquility in New Zealand. This house is particularly located in Closeburn Station, Queenstown, New Zealand. The designer, Fearon Hay Architects, has built the house without neglecting its surrounding scenery.

The house itself is covered by stone wall in its outer part. Stone wall would be able to keep house interior feels cool no matter how heated it is outside. The retreat house plans comprise of a single floor. It was designed in a way that the residents could enjoy three different scenery, namely; the Bob’s Cove Beach, Mount Creighton as well as the mountain peak. The house itself has one functional room which can be utilized as kitchen, dining, and living. It also has a spacious bedroom with king sized bed.

Let’s take a look at the living room design. The living room has a transparent facade. The exterior wall is replaced by glass panel which can be slid. When the glass panel is opened, the residents would be able to enjoy fresh mountain air. The living room is equipped with L-shaped sofa which has been integrated with the lounge chairs. From the seating area, the residents would be spoiled by the beach view by overlooking at the transparent facade.

On the corner of living room, there is a modern fireplace which are hung on the living rooms’ ceiling. In terms of lighting, the house employs floor lamp as well as hanging lamps for the living room. The living room also has a wooden cover which can be slid so that we can find the master bedroom. This bedroom is entirely covered by wood materials. It has ceiling integrated lamp which provides lighting towards the residents. This retreat house design is also equipped with wooden kitchen furniture and dining table.

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