Peaceful Zen Home with Water Feature

If you are still looking for ultimate tranquility in your life, why don’t you try to build a Zen home? This kind of home would be very useful to help you in seeking your true self. Undoubtedly, the Hufft Projects tried to create a beautiful house for their clients on top of a spacious land in Joplin, Missouri, USA. This house is called the Heavy Metal Residence as several part of it is decorated with metal which looks like a wooden weave from the distance.

This house plans comprise of a single story building which manages to provide every room needed by the households. It consists of one big room which can be utilized as kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Besides, it also has a powder room, bedroom, car garage, photo studio, as well as office room. This house is also equipped with several water feature outside the house. The pond in this Zen home design has lotus plants on top of it to emphasize more on the tranquility it brings.

Let’s take a look at the house’s interior design. The living room, for example, employs grey unfurnished floor in its entire part. However, a fur rug is placed in the middle in order to give extra comfort upon the residents. The living room’s facade is the combination between brass wall and glass panel. The exterior wall in this room is replaced by a glass panel which enable the residents to oversee the peaceful garden view.

The master bedroom performs ultimate tranquility by the natural sense it presents. The bedroom and bathroom is only divided by a wooden room divider This wooden materials also serve as a head board. Under this divider, we would be able to find pebble stones placed under the bed. When we move towards its back side, we could find a bathroom with natural stone placed in the middle of the room. This Zen home design ideas also has outdoor shower right next to the bathroom.

Image By : Hufft Projects

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