Peculiar Hotel Design Ideas of A Luxury Hotel Called Hotel Lone

3LHD has successfully formed amazing and unique hotel design ideas for one deluxe hotel named Hotel Lone. This hotel stands enormously in Rovinj, Croatia with a very peculiar and impressive figure. The hotel was also surrounded with a greenish forest which make the hotel appears just like a magical modern dwelling in the middle of trees.

Specifically that beautiful forest is Monte Mulini, one of the most attractive zone for tourists. Then another alluring landscape is The Lone Bay which eventually increase the attractive side of the hotel.

Besides the grand design of exterior and interior, which emerges very comprehensive and ultimate, the hotel also demonstrates excellent features and facilities. The furniture particularly was designed by Numen/For Use, and then for the staff uniforms or another additional textile, there is I-GLE as the designer. All of the components of the hotel even for the small accent are well-arranged, that why this hotel is really potential as the best representation of modern hotel design ideas in term of how the hotel could give a good explanation of design.

Moreover, for the specific exterior and interior design, it is clearly seen that the shape of the exterior design was really distinctive and showing amazingly about the core identity of the hotel. The dominant accent of it is beautiful horizontal facades which eventually produce a very futuristic and artistic figure. For the interior, the hotel has some impressive features, such as the alluring main lobby which emerge as a good point to connect each room in all levels, a very dynamic and artistic ceiling ornaments, and of course the sleek and gorgeous public areas with a very good development in term of furniture, coloring and additional accessories.

Hence this hotel undeniably will pamper every guest who come and spend their time within the hotel. It also obviously will give a new excitement in term of living experience and enjoying the special occasion or any celebration. The hotel appearance also says explicitly that it would be one of the most appealing prototype of modern hotel interior design ideas which very promising as a reference for those who love about modern design.

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