Perfect Modern Old Homes Bringing Stunning Appearance

Old house design will be able to be changed in its design in order to look more modern by using concept of modern old homes. This house design plan is developed well to decorate house living in Cottles House project which old house style looks so modern by applying modern house decoration. This house project was finished successfully by Paul Burnham by maximizing modern house decoration to design old house building stunningly.

Concrete building construction with flat roof style will be able to represent modern house architecture design that looks so elegant. It will look more exclusive in its appearance to be added with stunning lamp decoration placed either to design house exterior or interior space. It is as a perfect strategy that is done related to how to make a old house modern that has a stunning appearance. Glass decoration style is also used well to decorate house exterior exclusively.

Long balcony design made in this project will be able to look more interesting to be designed by using glass decoration. Glass balcony fence applied to design the long balcony indirectly will create exclusive building appearance especially in its exterior appearance. In addition, redwood wall construction is also applied well to design exterior wall in a first floor. It looks so beautiful and natural to be combined with natural plant decoration placed surrounding.

Concrete exterior stair made actually will help to create stylish house exterior style developed in this project. White color theme is used well to design the exterior wall so it will be a modern concrete stair style. On the other hand, house interior space modified stunningly by using elegant lamp decoration can make beautiful interior space.

Bright lamp design with natural light color feature creates comfortable interior condition that looks more exclusive. This old house Scandinavian modern was used as proper reference to design old building style stunningly.

Image By : Michael Lee Architects

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