Persistent Bamboo Construction for Precarious Area Residence

The plan is building persistent house for precarious area in Vietnam by applying bamboo construction design. It consists of rooms in the layout plan to accommodate Vietnamese family member of Vietnamese. Stilts housing is the main idea preventing the water floor overflowing through the home living. The shape of the construction itself has peculiar appearance supported by the open-able roof design. The main point is the cost-effectiveness on employing local plant for modern housing concept.

According to the family member, adjustment of the room provides six to eight family members to live in one roof. The materials of this bamboo house construction adopt the traditional home design not only using the bamboo but palm leaves also contribute in it. Aerodynamic system enhances this house plan. Wind can easily come through in and out by the over side door and roof. The simple shape acts as the wind bender when the roof is closed.

Base design has the ability to float if water over flowing under the bamboo home. The solid assembly of the bamboo does not give the chance for water to perk into the inner space. Nylon shield helps the bamboo wall assembly resisting the rain. The strong pile foot construction makes use of ropes and nails strengthening under the base. This eco-friendly type construction has the recycled stuff to support. Local cane work can be the artistic design for the door.

Vertical arrangement of bamboo planters decorates the bamboo house exterior. The idea is by roping the bamboo planters on the sides and hanging them facing the sunlight. Flower and vegetable are suitable to grow in these planters organization. Lighting is also the important element, tender illumination from the low powered lamp is the solution and appropriate for this construction. That is about a great plan of bamboo used in house construction for Vietnamese living home.

Image By : H&P Architects

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