Phenomenal Modern Forest Home that Will Attract You in Ede

In this article, we shall serve you with a topic about modern forest home. Well, it is about a project of Powerhouse Company that is located in Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands. The name of this project is Villa 1. This house will be found in forest. You can see through the pictures about this home. If you are woods lover, you should try to feel living in such place to have more experiences living in forest by living in a contemporary house.

Well, a picture here gives you how the house is really located in nature, exactly in forest. There are tall trees existing around the house. You shall also see ground is the yard of this modern house. From this angle, you can know that the house is colored in white. It looks very simple here with long rectangular shape. Glasses are applied as the paneling. Here you can see the rooms set up in the house design. See also modern wood home.

The second picture is about the house seen from closer angle. You will see the design was done with modern shape. It looks like there is another house is available in this area. Well, this house is such an amusing place to live. If you are really a pleasure seeker who likes natural situation, you should try to live in this place. You will just enjoy natural atmosphere but in a very modern home.

The last paragraph here will tell you few things about two images. The first one is an image about an underground garage that enables your car to be parked there. There is a concrete path used here to enable you to park your vehicles inside. The last image is about an interior part of the house. Well, now you can see amazing bright floor and ceiling that are perfected by the presence of a wooden room. See modern wood home design, too.

Image By : Powerhouse Company

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