Picturesque Art Decor in The House with Breathtaking City Scenery

Completing our house with art decor accessories can be so interesting. This is because the decoration will give an artistic touch to our home design. The decoration can be various according to the style that we want. Here, we will give you some inspirations in making an artistic house. Nico van der Meulen Architects created the House Tat that has location in Bassonia, near Johannesburg, South Africa.

House Tat has breathtaking scenery that you won’t regret. The design of the house both for its exterior or interior is also amazing so that you will be comfortable to live in.

If we see this house with art decor ideas from the front facade, we will see the brown concrete construction. Besides that, steel fence that is painted in steel metallic color looks obvious. Black concrete decorates among the brown concrete too. The surrounding of this house is filled with lush trees vegetation in natural composition.

Outdoor swimming pool lies at the front balcony. This pool is built among the dark brown parquet flooring. There are brown sofas and some plant pots as its decoration. From this pool area, we can see clearly the faraway city landscape with the hill and mountain contour.

Black unique sculpture lies here to decorate the corner space. Near this pool, there is open living room with no wall that faces directly to the pool. Brown grey sofa is placed here to accompany you see the breathtaking scenery.

Kitchen is located not far from the swimming pool. It is designed in caramel brown wooden material with brown ceramic tabletop. Steel appliances like the washbasin and stove are put here too. Artistic accessories and sculptures are decorated the stylish kitchen.

This house also has ceiling with lighting effect. This light will spark the edge and make lines on above the room. This will make everyone who stare at it becomes amazed. These home art decor ideas are filled with many of artistic stuff for decoration that create an artistic atmosphere.

Image By : Nico van der Meulen Architects

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