Picturesque Contemporary House Design; Casa Kopche in Mexico

Grupo Arquidecture has completed contemporary house design in Yucatan, Mexico. This house is known as Casa Kopche. This is a private residence for family. This modern house is built on 434 sqm. It is so large house with L shape. One interesting thing from this house is the paintings. This house is all-white painted. It can be clearly seen from the exterior design of the house. The house looks so dashing with white paints.

This modern house design is surrounded by lush vegetation. It has large green courtyard that really creating contrast to the white paint. The blue water in the stunning swimming pool does not miss to beautify the house. Like other modern house, the use of extensive glass can also be found here. The use of glass materials is very beneficial for house design.

As it has been known that glass materials besides only make the house looks luxurious, it can also allow the natural day light to come into the house and creating natural lighting. The other advantage of using glass materials is that glass can trap the heat of the sun so that it can help to create cozy atmosphere to the room.

How about the interior design of this contemporary Mexico house? Let us see some parts in this house. We can start from the main living area. Here, you can find all white furniture such as white sectional sofa, white table lamp, and white chairs. Not only the furniture but also all the interior design of the house are all in white color. From the floor, wall, and the ceiling are all in white. It is very luxurious interior design actually.

The second part is the kitchen. Here, the modern furniture is used. You can find some glossy furniture made from stainless steel. There are modern kitchen island with stools, rectangular table sink, and also microwave here. The kitchen is quite large. The architect has great contemporary house design ideas which can be successfully realized.

Image By : Grupo Arquidecture

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