Picturesque Garden Decorations to Make Green Corner Environment

To live in the big house with amazing garden decorations become some people’s dreams. Green living space around home will give fresh atmosphere for the house environment. Moreover, if you like to sit among the nature and greenery, garden is really a perfect choice for you. Garden can be placed at the front of your house, at the side, or at the back of the house. All is depend on your choice and consideration.

But, how if we don’t have yard that is wide enough to build the garden? Don’t worry because you can utilize your small and narrow space. From this, you can transform the unused space into the green corner! As long as it is enough to place bench or chairs, it will be work out. Before you design the garden, first of all you have to get the idea. This can come from various garden decorations ideas that are located all around the world. We will give you some garden photos for your inspiration.

Although there are many wide gardens, it doesn’t mean that it is hard to be applied for your surrounding environment. You can just take one idea for example in making the decoration of the stepping stones, the vines pillars, flower decorations, hedges, and many other garden styles. The bench decoration, where to put the fountain can also be your design preferences. If you like the vintage sculpture, you can place it among the greenery.

Another decoration is about the LED lamps. This lamp is available in various styles and colors. If you want a pond or swimming pool, the green or blue lamp will support the decoration at night. The ground lamp will also spark the tree decoration from the bottom direction. It will create a good accent for outdoor design. The garden decorations ideas stone or sands will play much role too in making a significant effect.

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