Picturesque Mountain Building of Lord Private Residence

Looking at the mountain building will be one f the picturesque house designs in which they are structured for natural scenes. As in the house that we will review is a house called the Lord. It is a private residence design that is located on a mountain in Aspen, Colorado. The building structure is designed in combination of brown color accents with some glasses construction. Studio B Architects had created this house as home with stunning countryside.

Here are the following pictures. Designing the v wall depend on the house design we are going to conduct. As here, the house is a large home design. It is designed in two-story house in irregular shapes. The material buildings are included the structure of glass, brown wood material, brick wall, and other component.

The house includes a small outdoor swimming pool with some wheels lounge seats. There is also outdoor living room with its back and white striped seating places. The house is located in greenery with vast lawn, garden, and also natural shades. They look so picturesque.

The interior decorate that is stylized in this house includes as here. The first is the gorgeous living room. It consists of big black sofas with light green pillows facing to futuristic wooden table. There is also a great fireplace in contemporary styles.

They are all applied on the light green rug with curving lines. Then, we are going to get the kitchen. It is situated in luxurious. There are two dark wooden cabinets with white countertops. They are applied in two sides with its specific characteristic.

Looking at the structure f the house included ceiling and flooring; they are designed in excellent ideas. The ceiling is made in brown panels with attractive tube chandeliers in transparent shades. The other is the floor that is designed in different shades in different place. The mountain building process video can be followed in this article as inspiring ideas.

Image By : Studio B Architects

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