Pretentious Modern House Design; Eye-catching House in California

One of the best house designers in California has designed modern house design in Los Angeles. The house is very large with the domination of the use of extensive glass. This two storey house is dominated by the use of white painting. Yea, white color is identical with modernity.

Talking about the location of the house, the house is surrounded by lush vegetation that can really create the natural atmosphere around the house. This modern house is also featured by large swimming pool in front of it. The most important thing here is that the house can perfectly blended with the natural environment around the house.

Well, now,, let us move to the modern house design interior. Like what you can see in its exterior design, the modernity can be clearly seen inside the house? All white paint interior design is the suitable words to describe the rooms.

The interior design of the house is dominated by white painted wall and ceiling and then they are combined with glass materials, wooden material, and also some modern furniture. Like Scandinavian house design, the splash of color from the furniture can add the beauty and luxury of the house. The glass materials here is also good choice since it can help to lighten up the room.

Let us see the living room. Here you can find the splash of yellow color in sectional sofa. The color of white can really add contrast to the room. Well, moving to the other room you will find luxurious kitchen with luxurious furniture. This all white kitchen provide you large white countertop where you can do anything here.

Large white table sink does not miss to add the luxury of the house. After finishing the food, you can enjoy your food in white dining set. It looks so luxurious dining set. White table and white chairs is the best choice for having nice dining session.

If you want to enjoy your tea while seeing the beautiful landscape around you have to move on the outdoor terrace. The terrace with wood floor faces the green landscape. You will feel that you are in the open space. It can surely be said that this modern house design exterior and interior is amazing at all sides.

Image By : Bittoni Design Studio

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