Pretentious White and Neutral Decorating Modern Residence

It is the Romsey Road filled up with white and neutral decorating exterior and interior design. This Winchester residence presents the elegance by the contribution of simple and stylish architectural concept sustained by the coloring.

Open space idea employs the wide and clear glass installation to get the transparency of the home structure. Sliding door setting also helps the home style enlivening the neoteric architecture design and enhancing the exterior and interior arrangement.

Furniture sets, flooring and the wall bring the monochromatic scene of recent modern interior design and it is so visible from outside in the course of clear glass wall. Stylish furniture sets seem to camouflage with the wall. Light gray of the neat floor tiles diminish the blinded color of the white. Outer flooring has the gradual color appearance with the indoor flooring. It creates neutral decorating ideas in this house construction.

The outer space also employs the clear glass installation. It allows the sunlight and sky trough the translucency of the terrace ceiling. That makes this open air space suitable to do sport supporting by the natural light and fresh air.

Reviewing the neutral colors within the interior design, the modern kitchen setting has white covering the cabinetries. The modest dining set gets the white chairs surround the pale brown wooden table. Homely atmosphere in this space carries the comfort and cozy feeling.

Since the contemporary concept becomes the main design of this living home, borderless room builds an easy access to the other functional space. Sitting room completes the scene next to the dining and cooking spaces. Black and fashionable recent model sofa mates with square side table alluring the modernity for a neutral theme but still holding the fashionable style of living room interior. Those ideas grab all the neutral decorating schemes in present day residence style.

Image By : AR Design Studio Architects

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