Pretty Vintage Modern Home that You Should Know

Coastal Home is a vintage modern home that belongs to Louise Brooks. Serene interior atmosphere makes everyone who sees this home will be love to live here. The living room looks beautiful in white color. The stripped rug on the floor gives a little bit contrast to the living room. You will find a set of modern sofa and two vintage armchairs in beige color. Look around and you will find wooden siding floors in every room in this house.

Now, you will love to see the dining area in this house. It has stylish traditional decoration for the dining room. You will see wooden dining table that looks nice with black iron cantilever. The high backrest rattan chairs are so beautiful in this room. As you can see, you will find vintage white table with vintage hanging mirror right above the table. After you finish with the beginning pictures, you will see the exterior side of the residence. The exterior design is truly shows you vintage modern home design in beautiful appearance.

Look to the front face of the house where you can see horizontal wooden siding walls and curvy roof design. The front entry looks beautiful with four concrete pillars and overhanging triangle roof. Step inside the house once more, and you will find gorgeous kitchen in traditional appearance. There is long kitchen island with backless stools design. You can go to the backside terrace and you will see comfortable sitting area with a set of wooden furniture.

After that, you can see a beautiful vintage bathroom design in clean white color. The vintage mirror frame is hanging on the wall and you also can find two-level wooden cabinet with built-in marble sink. The last picture that you can see is the closet room. You may find many modern vintage home design ideas, but you will love to see this residence.

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