Private Design Of Henley Street Residence By Jackson Clements Burrows

Exclusive design is presented by Henley Street Residence architecture related to the uncommon shape of the house. This house has been designed by Jackson Clements Burrows in Bellarine, Australia. The first building that gives impression is in the living room.

The shape of this building is like a tube that is covered by wood in the form of stick. The function of this contraction is to create natural light because there is big glass windows applied in the second floor. Saving energy cost is the concept in this house due to the materials chosen such as windows glasses and stick roof.

From the outside of the house, this Henley Street Residence by Jackson Clements Burrows is completely covered by wood in the walls around the building. It will give the privacy in doing actives in the house. Material of wood that are dominated the house such as the floor, fence, stairs, roof and the wall makes the house be classic because of full of chocolate color.

Simple accent is also created by the using of colorful cabinet in the kitchen with table in front of the kitchen. There is reading room that is located in the second floor. To make the reading room comfortable, it also provide versatile sofa in front of the bookshelves. Big lamp in form of oval is put in the ceiling above the reading room to give light in the night.

Large bedroom with beautiful scenery is also providing in this house in the second floor. Applying colorful cabinet, this room is eyes catching and relaxing. The location of bathroom that faces to the outside scenery make this place be wonderful place to create leisure. Then, Henley street tea rooms are provide this house in the firs floor accompanied by fire place in the form of pole painted in the similar color with the wall.

Image By : Jackson Clements Burrows

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