Refreshing Farm House with Natural Environment of Brazil

The Casa Fazenda, which means farm house, was planned by Helena Teixeira who tried to retain the welcoming environment in this refreshing guest house. Built in the Amarantina, Brazil, this house is adopting the local architecture of which this building can look harmonious with the natural surroundings.

The natural design of this house can be noticed since the first you come to the front yard. You will immediately be welcome by the refreshing view of a rustic design of Brazilian architecture among the natural surroundings of grass and high vegetation.

The classic and humble welcome of his house will lead you to a distinct environment of house interior. The basic concept of this farm house design is probably retaining the traditional element. This concept has brought to the maximizing of natural decorations as woods, bamboo and stones to beautify this modern farm house.

However, the woods application is dominating the interior. This domination is shown in the dining room, lounge, living room, kitchen and also bedroom. The usage of the woods ranges from the ceilings, beams, wall layering, and flooring.

Since the house is dominated with wooden element, the tone which is provided by the house is warm and welcoming. The tone can be felt in the living room. The wooden ceiling which is rich in red and yellow tints has been increasing the warm energy to this room. This tone is enriched by the furniture which is selected with the brown accent. Not only warm, the furniture also features the classic style of a farm residence.

However, the rustic and traditional style is not the only idea applied in this house. Among the rustic wooden element, you will discover the brilliance of the interior designer in putting the modernity in a calm transition. The lighting and neat furniture organization has emphasized the modern look of this house. The colorful scheme which is found in the kitchen and dining room has become the modern character of this house. You will also contemporary furniture found in the bed room which also reveals the modern farm house design that pleases the eye.

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