Remarkable Home Renovation Aged Victorian Residence in London

In this modern era, some people are willing to get home renovation for heir old building. In this case, we have one of them as a home restoration. The house is an old Victorian Residence located in London, precisely on Grayling Road. The renovation had conducted by the design company Domus, Tim Newbold by applying brighter collection and decoration. The residence that covers 230 square meters offers a remarkable interior decoration that is different with the exterior design.

This is the tie for s to get looking the images. Dealing to the home renovation ideas, the look of wall exterior style is in classic brick wall. The window frames are stylized in white wooden design. This two-story house has fascinating interior design.

It includes white wall to ceiling concept and wooden floor design. The room is made n spacious. As in living room at once as visual room, there is a set of long grey sofa with black and white pillows. It faces to the TV set above the white floating cabinet.

The next style can be seen from the kitchen area. The kitchen appliance is black cabinet with granite countertop in grey for stove and sink placement. In front de, there is a set of black leather chaise lounge with its table. There is also black leather sofa with simple wooden coffee table.

In the other living room, they add two black leather sofas with various pillows. In completing, there is also an orange chaise lounge to enjoy outdoor views. Yeah, the outdoor views are really relaxing by adding the natural gardening system and classic fort.

In this article, we have described the structure and decoration of this home restoration. The house is designed in remarkable nuance. The existence of fascinating interior leads the situation to be more comfortable. The home renovation ideas pictures that are provided in this article will help you to find the best way.

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