Remarkable Modern Residence in Cantilevered Concept

In this day, living in a modern residence becomes the choice among the people who want to spend their day in a practicality of a house with a more decent look. A residence which is located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia has been wonderfully showing a kind of practicality in a more dramatic aspect since 2012. This house is an upshot of house project that was successfully done by an architectural company of Sommet & Asociados.

The concept that the designers want to invite in this house is all about a sense of lightness with no heaviness that is presented on its house form and house materials. In order to do that, cantilevered house exterior is shown deliberately and it also becomes the most striking characteristic of the home exterior design.

To fit that concept, some different materials adorn the exterior part of the house each of them shows unique texture and appearance. The modern residence designs with that kind of unique characteristics will sure become an attractive view.

This residence in modern design incorporates rustic stones element on its first floor. This kind of element can go along with the green courtyard of the house. The other element implemented on the house exterior is the dark wooden finishes on the second story exterior that looks like it is clamped between concrete frames. The color of the wooden and stone finishes creates a prominent accent to the exterior of the residence.

The interior of the house applied minimalist concept design that strengthens the sense of weightlessness. To create that perceiving atmosphere, dark colored furniture is applied among the bright room. The presence of some glazed walls also gives the interior design a nuance of lightness.

The interior design also exposed dark colored stairs and wall decoration. The steps of the stair were created cantilevered to the wall with only a metal bar of railing attached on that wall. That kind of concept is generated from one of modern residence interior designs which create this remarkable house.

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