Resplendent White Attic Design in Classic Interior Decoration

The application of white attic design definitely evokes the cleanness and cozy nuance. In modern interior design, the white is commonly used to reveal the convenient place with bright nuance. White reflects the outdoor lighting that comes through the windows. Within a small area, this color really suitable to enhance the cozy nuance.

This attic performs the white tone to create the cozy and airy nuance. The limited space within the attic can be transformed into convenient living place. Contemporary design reveals the comfortable area with its compact arrangement to accommodate the ideal room of a living place.

White accent with wooden material becomes one style of attic design ideas that is applied by this attic penthouse. The collaboration between these two plans really reveals the cozy nuance. Surrounded with white ceiling and wooden floor, the classic style is brought to enhance the different nuance. Living room applies the white bed sofa to be combined with white table.

Brightly nuance of the outdoor is continued by the classic windows beside. Dining area with simple wooden table in long size is adopted with simple white chairs. Cozy kitchen with woods for the cabinets and table enhances the classic nuance in modern decoration. This area is covered by white classic wall in curved design.

Wall at the corner is utilized as the bookshelf with the combination of black and white long seats as the private room. Vintage television table and classic sofa indicate the classic nuance that is blended with grey bed within the bedroom. Cozy and comfortable area is revealed by wooden table and white attic wall.

Mirror with black wicker framing is nestled to give a larger appearance from authentic size. White bathroom brings the elegant outlook in minimalist decoration. White wall is combined with black marble as the countertop and white sinks. Bathtub with classic wall decoration is framed with glazed facade around it.

Nestled the white color scheme within the small attic of the penthouse thoroughly evokes the comfortable area with brightly nuance. The appropriate arrangement and organization of the rooms transforms the limited area into convenient and spacious attic.

Classic accent that is brought by this attic interior enhances the impressive nuance when it is combined with modernity. Woods strengthens the warm nuance of the outdoor lighting through the classic windows. This attic penthouse successfully showcases the appropriate style of interior design attic to bring the dazzling area to be lived within the small interior space.

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