Rocky Fireplace Mantel Kits that Displays Classic and Captivating Adornements

The simple white fireplace mantel kits are very suitable for this minimalist and contemporary house model. Beside the maximal white interior decoration, the owner also combines with the yellow green wall color. In the white cover fireside, the black hearth is continued with the header.

Another simple design for fireside cover is this millennium color which made of steel. It looks very neoteric on the wooden cladding panel above the fireplace. The firebox has black color and protected with glass side. The furnace design is adjusts the room design that has been decorated with contemporary touches.

The white back wing sofa is very elegant in front of the modern fireplace cover. Then the white ornamented fireplace mantel kits indoor can looks very glamor with the mantel shelf design and classy leg design. On the firebox there is a unique decoration which made of steel.

For the eclectic appearance, the modern room design with classic decoration can also added with furnace with stone mantel and wooden shelf above it. The black firebox looks modern but the mantel makes it traditional. Coarse hearth is decorated with black pot that looks like a farmhouse decoration.

The same black color on the furnace is the solid black modern with squared shape in small size. It saves more areas and the top side can be used to place any kind of room adornments such as the glass vase with green decorative plants.

The different embellishment on this farmhouse styled bedroom is shows on the fireplace design. It is large and decorated with white cladding panel with coarse stone mantel below it. The black color also covers the firebox. White cladding can be used to save anything since it cabinet on it. Mint back wing chair set with versatile black coffee table is matches with the furnace mantel. The previous design is shows the antique model while the white ornamented fireplace mantel shelf kits are modern.

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