Rocky Outdoor Fireplace Designs For Stronger Exterior Decoration

In a modern patio the classic outdoor fireplace designs are covered in limestone mantel. In this fireside, there is woods storage that side by side with the firebox. This spot is furnished with modern style of rattan sofa which has pastel green pad and cushions. Behind the rattan set there is also the wooden patio chair set. Above the wooden furniture set the large canopy is protects. The flagstone patio pavers are matches with the fireplace mantel.

Another outdoor space that can furnish with fireside is the moccasin theme. It looks smoother than the previous style because the mantel is neater than before. The brick mantel is covered the entire fireplace panel. On the firebox, the brick is smaller and darker and the hearth is covered with light grey concrete.

Adjusts the bright theme, the furniture also has ivory white and pale tones. The pale white futon sofa with twin wooden table is nice on this outdoor area. If you want to try outdoor fireplace designs plans the next small fireside is applicable. The simple natural stone panel cladding is easy to build.

Maybe you have outdoor swimming pool and the granite pool pavers are wide enough to place outdoor furniture set. Then why not create the outdoor fireside on it to make the atmosphere warmer and comfort. The back wall can be used to place the firebox inside it and it will be safe.

As seen on the forth photo, the light grey cemented wall is designed with long firebox that can make the patio fresh but warm. The semi opened terrace can also adorn with the warmer facility. Such as the mid century decoration on the white stone fireplace beside, it has coarse surface and smooth mantel shelf. The firebox is opened in front or back side.

This classic outdoor fireplace construction plans are simple but strong. The light brown granite pavers also support the coarse and strong effects.

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