Romantic Beautiful Design Architectural to be Tried in Your House Now

If you want to have a fabulous and rare looks, you should try uncommon beautiful design from everywhere. For examples, you can steal some pretty ideas from a classic factory in Barcelona that is created by Ricardo Bofill. This was actually a factory, but now had turned into a fascinating house.

You can start the exploration by seeing the first picture. The tall building has classic windows with curvy top that are surrounded by green vines on the walls. The garden is also amazing. Dense in green, makes you live like in a fairy tale.

Now we are in a multifunction room. Take a look at the second picture. What do you see there? A very spacious room with simple dining sets, or for clearer are two different dining sets that is created side by side. The first one has larger table for more people, while the other one is smaller with black seats.

Not only dining room, you should see other beautiful design images about this house. The next one shows you a white home office in a very simple design. The table is white, just like the ceiling and walls that surrounding around. Carpet that goes around the house make luxury feels come even more.

Back to the previous dining room. There is something left that haven’t been said. Two sketches of buildings are there. The unfinished look from the walls make the room looks so gloomy. Moreover, its high ceiling adds another classy feel in uncommon ways. For you who like beauty in rare looks, these ideas should be tried in your house! Don’t you think so?

Last is will be about another dining area that is created closer to the kitchen. A hanging lamp on the ceiling has simple design of the light shade. Under the lamp, a generous white table from granite stones stands on the dark wooden floor. 8 dining chairs with arms are surrounding around the table. Also, you can see a simple stairs that stuck on the wall completes the building amenities. If you are interested, you should see whole of the beautiful interior design images here and have them real in your house.

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