Rustic Modern Home and Imposing Four Level Structures

While browsing about modern home could only results in elegant and dominated by striking white color scheme, why don’t we look for something different for modern concept? Look at these pictures that I have here. An imposing modern home design in approximate measure 2,045 square foot located in Sant Pol de Mar in Catalonia, Spain.

The designer behind this rustic modern concept is Barcelona-based studio Isern Associats. Isern Associats was successfully completed these four level structured residence in 2012 and finally entitle it with the Meriterrani 32.

Being located in hilly landscape doesn’t seem to affect the designers mind to build a four levels modern residence. Moreover, the idea of rustic exterior design with earth tones blends really well with the surroundings, so it doesn’t make this four level residence overwhelming and intimidating, which is really great. Each level has extravagant use of glass material, either for doors or floor to ceiling windows.

The interior itself embraces a combination between modern and minimalist concept with white color scheme, uncluttered look and an open floor plan. So even though the exterior blend nicely with the nature landscape, the interior offers something warm with loads of natural sunlight and clean look form white furniture selection. A concrete floor, glass walls, and rustic ceiling are perfect combinations that suits for everyone with various taste of interior style.

To make everything homier and softer, in the main living space you can see a rounded white dining table. Rounded-shape furniture has been known for its friendly impact on the interior design. Next to the friendly dining area, we can find a sleek clean look kitchen with all white color schemes.

All-white kitchen design is the best solution for small size kitchen because it helps to look bigger and very well organized. On the other hand, the living room offers something masculine with dramatic sofa appeal. Even the exterior of this modern home idea reflects something strong and formal character, the interior offers inevitable comforts with minimalist touch.

Image By : Isern Associats

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