Rustic Summer House Skatoy with Great Landscape

Many people like to have or stay at the summer house hen it is being on summer. It is because this house will give the pleasure and great experience of living style. The designs of summer houses are related to the design of the houses expected. Ts article provides one of the house for summer located on Skatoy.

It is an island spotted in the Kragero archipelago, specifically on the South coast of Norway. We usually call the house as summer house Skatoy. Filter Arkiteketer as Oslo-based studio had created this house by compiling rustic home style.

Here are the images of this house for summer in order to make clearer. Then we can find many more summer house apartments that we are expecting. Here the Skatoy house is one of the contemporary houses that require 1,080 square foot.

The house that was completed in 2013 is located on the great natural landscape included the river, lake, and many big rock with greenery. The structure of this house includes the combination of rustic wood, stone barns, glasses, and also traditional roofs. They are designed in well matched as single story design.

It is different to get look at the interior design. The design features more modern style included the marble floor, white concrete and wooden wall design. The room is made in small room. As in living room, they come with medium cream leather sofa with a fabric lounge seat and furry cover.

These are placed with a simple coffee table on the grey rug. Some decorative accessories are decorating such as the wall painting, chic floor lamp with white lampshade, and also rattan basket. The other room is situated in well matched with the living room.

They are all designed in rustic style by its combination of the structures. The structures in wood materials as dominant include for the wall, floor, constructional and some furniture. If we look more this design, we can get clearer situation. So, keep looking at many more summer house rentals that are in this world.

Image By : Filter Arkiteketer

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