Satisfying Luxury Apartment in Belo Horizonte

In this chance, you shall find a topic about a luxury apartment named Apartment Belvedere II. David Guerra was the one designing this project. You shall find this project in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Well, you shall see some pictures that will be described in this article.

Well, in the very first image, you can see that there is a lounge here. There are amusing seats available in this place. There are two nice armchairs with appealing motif. You shall find a sofa, two different chairs, etc. Well, the ceiling design here looks good with two big enough round built-in lamps applied. The next picture is about the same lounge but seen from different angle. Look at the coffee table here. There are some books and other items put nicely. See also luxury apartments.

In the third image, you are facing the same place again but with another different angle. Here you can see the dining area of this open room as well. There are dining set existing with nice appearance. Look at the flooring design here. You are facing wooden constructions applied. In the fourth image, you are seeing the lounge again. Look at the armchairs, there are some cushions with the same motif as the armchairs. From here you shall see an abstractive image placed on the wall.

In the fifth image, you shall find another lounge in a narrow room. There is a sofa with various cushions. There is a TV stuck on the wall with floating style like clock. There is a wooden cabinet below the television. Well, it seems that there is a fascinating wooden bench with back as well. In the last picture, you can see the same lounge as in the previous picture. You can see that the sofa looks comfortable to sit. There are two gorgeous coffee tables, too. Alright, find more ideas in luxury apartments rent, later on.

Image By : David Guerra Architecture and Interior

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